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Body Innovation | Sculptural Body Massager

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Quick Overview


•Triple action: Eccentric circular massage, pneumatic pressure and infra-red heat
•Gives subcutaneous massages that increase blood flow, helping to eliminate toxins and reduce accumulated fat
•Sculpts your figure and smoothes "orange peel" skin
•Six interchangeable treatment heads: Allow massage to be adapted to each problem (soft cellulite, encrusted cellulite, oedematous cellulite, flaccidity, etc...)
•New silicone flat roller massage head: Suitable for painful cellulite
•New parallel spiky disk massage head of semi-rigid silicone for thighs and buttocks: Removes cellulite, reduces flaccidity, stimulates blood flow, tones, and reduces volume
•Power control. Can be used together with anti-cellulite products for a more powerful effect


- Off/massage /massage +IR switch AC220~240V, 25W
- Dimensions: 18x15x11cm
- 4 replaceable transparent heads
- Material: ABS
- Unit weight: 1.2kgs (approx.)

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